Dorrotor Bridge

This bagpipe lesson is for Dorrotor Bridge. Bill breaks the lesson down into sections with commentary for each section.

The tune is a strathspey and was composed by James Braidwood


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Dorrotor Bridge - strathspey

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Lesson Pointers for Dorrotor Bridge

Remember four controlled beats to the bar; the springing style of the dance with good attention to the dotted notes relative to the short notes; and good clarity of execution especially in the open C doublings every fourth bar. A good standard intermediate to advanced competition tune with a tempo of about 96–116 beats per minute – steadily at first though.

Probably the step-swing of the bridge brought to James' mind the strathspey idiom.

Additional Information

There exists not much information about the strathspey Dorrotor Bridge or its composer James Braidwood. He also composed the popular 6⁄8 march “Dovecote Park” which was originally entitled “Pipe major Willie Ross´s welcome to Dovetail Park”

Dorrotor BridgeDorrotor Bridge

Dorritor Bridges crosses the river Carron between the villages of Larbert and Dunipace near Falkirk

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