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A Bagpipe Lesson for Dream Valley of Glendaruel

This fine little tune was composed by the famous Pipe Major John McLellan of Dunoon whose music has featured a number of times in the tunes of the month. John McLellan was Pipe Major of the 8th Bn. the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in the early 1900's, a prolific composer of much fine light pipe music.

A biography can be seen at

Caber Feidh - 4/4 March


Lesson Pointers


This tune could be suitable for the later beginner onwards.

Remember the principles mentioned last month about the beat rhythm in Simple Time tunes that applies to this tune in ¾ time with three beats to the bar. Have the controlled regular beat and observe the proper down/up in the tied eighth notes equal value/duration beats.

These retreat airs are relatively easy to play and allow plenty of time for good clarity of execution. Smaller simpler two parted tune should never be treated with disdain, but valued and played as well as one can musically. Eventual tempo suggested is of about 84 BPM, give or take a little. Retreat airs are normally played on the march, but not intended for others to march to.


Download The Music Notation.


Music Notation Click to download the tune notation for Dream Valley of Glendaruel


Listen To Bill's Audio Instruction.


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The tune played by Pipes and Drums of Innes Tartan (the present day Auckland and Distict Pipe band) accompanied by organist Dennis McComb.

Please note that Dream Valley of Glebdaruel starts at the 57 second mark and ends at the 1:58 mark.

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Watch Bill's Video Instruction.



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