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Drone reeds falling into the bag


My drone reeds have fallen into the bag and i don't know how to get them back out...

It would be grate if someone could tell me how to get them back out many thanks.

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May 24, 2016
Drone reeds falling into the bag NEW
by: Bill Robertson

I cannot add much to Lou's comment which covers the remedies very well. I would add to wash any sticky type seasoning from the drone reed that the water be reasonably warm to help dissolve the goo better than in cold water, most likely.
A bit of commonsense should prevail in such problems, along with trial and error.
All the best,


May 24, 2016
Retrieving drone reeds NEW
by: Lou Henningsen

Use waxed hemp on the reed to let it be a bit "sticky" so it stays in the drone seat better. Let a little of the hemp trail off the reed and get between the drone and the stock so, if it falls out, you have a safety line to pull it out again. If you use a zipper bag, simply open it and the guilty reed will fall out with some gentle shaking. If you use a solid bag, try pulling out the chanter, hold the wide end of the bag up, and gently shake the bag until the reed falls out the open hole in the chanter stock. If you use a goopy style of bag dressing, you may have to gently crush and feel to find the reed. It's likely stuck in the groove by the bottom seam of the bag. Carefully punch the bag to try to loosen the reed from the sticky mess and then shake it out as described above. It's possible you'll need to wash the seasoning off the reed then let it dry again, using a feather or pipe cleaners to gently swab it out.

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