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Lament For The Duke Of Hamilton

In Haddow's opinion, the Lament For The Duke Of Hamilton was composed by Padruig Mor MacCrimmon in honour of William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton. The Duke, age 35, was fatally wounded at the Battle of Worcester, 1651.


Padruig Mor was himself at the battle, serving under Ruaridh MacLeod of Talisker and Norman MacLeod of Berneray, sons of the deceased Sir Ruaridh Mor, 15th Chieftain of Harris and Dunvegan MacLeods. The Highlanders involved in this battle were slaughtered by Cromwell's professional army when General Leslie failed to come up with the cavalry at a critical stage in the battle. Over 2 000 Scots were taken prisoner and eventually sent into virtual slavery in the colonies. Clan MacLeod lost over 800 men in the battle.


Padruig Og was captured and by some miracle released. He returned to serve as MacLeod of MacLeod's piper at Dunvegan for another 20 years.


The Duke of Hamilton with his small cavalry troop had made an unsuccessful attempt to offset the impact of General Leslie's despicable behavior. He provided what support he could to the Highlanders and lost his own life in doing so. William Hamilton proved himself to be a man eminently worthy of a Lament.


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