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The Duke of Perth's March

This piobaireachd tune The Duke of Perth's March was composed by the Duke's piper, Finlay Dubh MacRae, who, at an earlier time, had been piper to the Earl of Seaforth. Finlay participated in Prince Charles Edward Stuart's campaign to regain the throne for his family and, after Culloden followed the fortunes of the Prince to France.


The tune commemorates the march of the Jacobite army to Prestonpans in September, 1745. In the ensuing battle the Hanoverians under Sir John Cope were routed.


The Duke of Perth was an able administrator and warrior. He was appointed Lieutenant General of Scotland by Prince Charles Edward Stuart. He served in the army under Lord George Murray during the invasion of England and the subsequent retreat that ended with the loss at Culloden. He died aboard ship enroute to France after Culloden.


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