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Bagpipe Lessons for Dundee City Police Pipe Band


I have chosen Dundee City Police Pipe Band, a composition by the famous and very prolific composer, Jimmy Shand. Quite a number of his compositions were often suitable for Highland Bagpipe and have been set for the bagpipe. Of course many pipe tunes have been adapted by Scottish Country Dance Bands and accordionists over the years too. I have always thought that the button-key accordion better imparted the spirit and clarity of pipe tunes than the piano accordion.


Once when Jimmy Shand was touring New Zealand with his band I was beside him when someone asked him how he rehearsed for concerts. He replied simply “in my head” – a kind of mental practice that is good practice in music.


Please click on this link for more information about Sir Jimmy Shand's life.


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Dundee City Police Pipe Band

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6/8 march (Rhythm & Timing)



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