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Earl Of Seaforth's Salute


Uilleam Dubh, Black William MacKenzie, 5th Earl of Seaforth, went into exile in Spain following the Jacobite failure at Sherrifmuir in 1715. He returned to fight in the failed uprising of 1719 at the Battle of Glenshiel, only to be forced once more into exile.


The Earl of Seaforth's Salute when well–played is poetic and inspiring. One can hear the composer, Finlay Dubh MacRae, the Earl's piper, pleading with Earl William to come home to help his people who were in dire straits, suffering starvation and disease. Finlay's music cries out to the Earl to cross the seas in his birlinn and take his rightful place in the life of his clan.


The Gaelic words, “Caid'n dhu thannic Dhu” captures the mood of this tune. Translated the words ask the question, “What has become of you?“


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