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The Gathering Of The McNabb

The Gathering Of The McNabb may have been composed by a MacDougall piper.


MacNabb or MacNab is from the Gaelic Mhic an Aba which translates to son of the Abbott. They trace their ancestry to the younger son of Kenneth MacAlpine, the first King of the Scots. This son was Abbot of Glendochart and Strathearn at a time when abbots could be laymen.


MacNabb was an ill-fated clan. Red Comyn, murdered by Robert the Bruce, was brother-in-law to the MacNabb Chieftain. The Clan opposed Bruce and joined against him with the MacDougall's of Lorne. They were on the wrong side at Bannockburn and, as a consequence, lost their lands.


In 1336, King David II restored a Barony to the family.


The Clan came out in 1645 and fought under Montrose on the Royalist side in the Civil War. Some came out for the Jacobites 100 years later but most stayed home.


For 400 years, a family of MacNabbs were hereditary armourers and jewellers to the Campbells of Loch Awe.


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