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Grant's Gathering

Grant's Gathering is also known as Craigellachie, is reputed to be very old. The composer of the piobaireachd is unknown. It is said that the tune originally celebrated an ancient battle at Craig Ellachie between the Shaws and their Grant and other allies on the one side and the Comyns on the other. A piobaireachd composed to celebrate that event was adopted by the Grants as their gathering tune.


The Grants settled mainly in the Strathspey area in a territory from which they had helped oust the Comyns (Cummings). It was there that Castle Grant, the seat of the Chieftain, was eventually situated.


At the upper end of the district southwest of Aviemore is a hill called Craigellachie, the rock of alarm that formed the Cathghairm and gave its name to the Gathering of the clan.


In the old Gaelic the motto of Clan Grant was Creag a Chrocainn - The Rock of Hanging - this was an overhanging rock from which criminals were hung. This is the same rock on which the motto, Stad Creag Ealichaidh - Stand Firm Craigellachie, is founded. This motto became the war cry of the clan in the old days and remains as their gathering cry in this day and age.


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