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The End Of The Great Bridge


One heather myth suggests that this tune, The End of the Great Bridge, commemorates what was probably the first skirmish between Jacobites and Hanovarians in 1745. The site was in the area of the High Bridge over the River Spean near Fort William.


Captain John Scott had set out from Fort Wlliam with a small troop of soldiers to reconnoiter the surrounding countryside. He was surprised by MacDonald of Keppoch with a few clansmen. The resulting skirmish was won through a MacDonald ruse and some bold strategy. Keppoch and his clansmen were joined during the latter stages of the fray by Camerons. In the end, the Hanovarian soldiers surrendered to Keppoch and his allies.


Among the trophies taken was Captain Scott's white gelding horse. This horse was later presented to Prince Charles Edward Stuart when the Prince raised his Standard at Glenfinnan.


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