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A Bagpipe Lesson for The Harvest Home Hornpipe


I have chosen another traditional hornpipe called The Harvest Home Hornpipe. This is another one of the tunes I played during my tenure with The Royal Scots. I have written some background information on hornpipes and how I received these tunes, please see the notes on last month's Tune of the Month.


Lesson Pointers


When approaching the tune tend to play each one or two bars at a time very steadily, accurately, with attention to each beat basic rhythm of downbeat/upbeat, and relaxed good clarity of the shorter notes. Let the tune eventually roll along in a kind of relaxed rollicking way.

Technically, pay good attention to clarity of the tachums, and the paired triplets/triplings. The second part first two bars must have good clarity of the low As preceding the birls on low A, and avoid playing the upper preceding notes too long. These details are pointed out in the audio file of the tune.


Download The Music Notation.


Music Notation Click to download the tune notation for The Harvest Home Hornpipe


Listen To Bill's Audio Instruction.


The Harvest Home Hornpipe

(Note: If you are using Internet Explorer click twice on the triangle.)


Watch Bill's Video Instruction.


The Harvest Home Hornpipe


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