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Grain In Hides And Corn In Sacks

The origin of Grain In Hides And Corn In Sacks is unknown, which leaves much room for speculation and debate.


There is a theory that the tune was composed to celebrate a good harvest. In this scenario the grain in hides refers to the effect of the grain ingested by cattle - fat and sleek kine in the meadows. The corn in sacks refers to the harvest itself.


Another view suggests that it is a tune that grew out of the raiding into England. The Scots would carry a basic food supply on their persons. Some grain would be in skins to protect it from the weather, some hardier food in sacks.


Who gave it a name? And was the name appropriate or just a guess? The tune is noted in Angus MacKay's manuscript as well as in the Campbell Canntaireachd. Neither MacKay or Campbell offer clues as to the composer or the inspiration for the tune.


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