Highland Laddie - 2/4 March

This bagpipe lesson is for Highland Laddie. Bill breaks the lesson down into sections with commentary for each section.


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Highland Laddie - 2/4 March

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Lesson Pointers for Highland Laddie

The tune in 2/4 march time has two beats to the bar. Remember the basic beat value of downbeat and upbeat just as the feet do in walking or marching. The usual pointed rhythm has to be observed as in the audio file and video. Certain doublings especially on E and B should be clearly doubled and on the beats, yet crisp enough to let the melody come through as demonstrated.

Additional Information

Tune of the Month for January 2011, Highland Laddie, was requested by a visitor to our website whose grandfather was in the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, I think as a piper or Pipe Major.

The Pipe Major and pipers of both regiments wear the Royal tartan of the Royal Stuart, by Royal privilege. The tune is the regimental tune (march-past) of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), and of the Scots Guards. Of interest too is that the first Pipe Major of the Scots Guards came from the Black Watch in the late 1800s I estimate.

The title of the tune is in the Scots dialect Hielan Laddie for these two famous regiments.

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