A History of Piobaireachd

The text A History of Piobaireachd is reproduced here as a transcription from Stuart's Pipe Major training at a 1955 Band School in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The names of the instructors are not known, or perhaps they were on the missing first page. This is a discourse on the History of Piobaireachd. Three years after this was transcribed, I received an e–mail from a piper in Scotland, with the information that this material was first presented in a paper by Archibald Campbell of Kilberry, read before the Scottish Piping Society of London, on March 7, 1952. Stuart used this material in teaching his own students the theory and intricacies of this ancient and classical form of Highland music.

ue to disintegration of the paper on which it was typed, there are some gaps at the beginning of the discourse. And the first page is missing entirely.

This article is similar to what Bill Robertson had to write and learn while on his Pipe Majors' Course at Edinburgh Castle under the direction of the famous Pipe Major Willie Ross MBE.