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How to properly strike in the bags with an easy reed.

by Eli
(North Carolina, USA)

How do you suppose to strike in the bag and chanter with an easy reed without the chanter making a sound before the drones chime in? Thanks!

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Jan 03, 2015
Calibrate drone reeds
by: Lou

I have been successful in setting the tongue on the drone reeds so they operate just above the pressure that the chanter needs. That way, they use the minimum amount of air, and provide an audible "alarm" if I ever overblow the chanter. That way the strike-in should be less pressure as well. Close the opening between the tongue and reed body by moving the bridle toward the open end of the tongue. This will also make the reed more sharp, so you will also have to adjust the tuning screw or cap on the reed as well (different process for each brand of reed) so the drones tune at about the bottom of the hemp. This gives the maximum resonance chamber in the wider part of the drone, like an echo chamber, just above the tuning pin. Your strike-in should be more gentle once set up this way.

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