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Sir James Macdonald Of The Isles' Salute

Sir James MacDonald of the Isles, 1643 -1678, went on a shooting excursion to North Uist in 1664, accompanied by MacLeod of Talisker and others. One day as they were deer-stalking, the gun of MacLeod, who was behind Sir James, accidentally went off, lodging the shot in MacDonald's leg. Those present got blankets and men from the nearest cottages to help remove Sir James to the home of William MacDonald on Vallay, an islet attached to North Uist at low tide.


However, as soon as the people of North Uist heard what had happened, believing that it was intentional on the part of Talisker, took up arms and gathered from all quarters. They surrounded the house of William MacDonald of Vallay and would have killed MacLeod, had it not been for the influence of Vallay and other MacDonald gentlemen present. It was with great difficulty that the clansmen were persuaded to disband and return to their homes.


Sir James was confined by this accident for a considerable time but eventually got back on his feet.


Ewen MacDonald, son of MacDonald of Vallay (MacDonald's Tutor), was known as an excellent piper. He composed this Salute to express his joy at seeing Sir James restored to good health.


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