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Lament for King George III

This Lament for King George III was composed by John MacKay, Raasay, following the death of King George III in 1820.


It might seem unusual that a tribute would be paid to a Hanovarian Monarch by a Highlander who grew up in a Jacobite cultural setting. John MacKay's mentor, Captain Malcolm MacLeod, was a Jacobite through and through. He had fought on the Jacobite side at Falkirk and Culloden and in 1773 had entertained Dr. Johnson and Boswell with a Gaelic song they thought was a ioram but actually was a Jacobite ditty.


By the time John MacKay came to maturity, attitudes in the Highlands were changing due, in part, to the perception that King George III had recognized the Gael as an important component of his Kingdom and had opened avenues for their participation in the life of the nation.


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