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The End Of The Little Bridge

The End Of The Little Bridge is known in old Gaelic as Ceann na drochaid bige, this tune celebrates an occasion when MacLeods and Camerons fought side by side against a common foe. Although the site of the battle is unknown, the battle may have been during Montrose's campaign, circa 1645. On the other hand, could it have been at an earlier time, the time of Alasdair Crotach MacLeod, VIIIth Chieftain (1455-1547) and his father-in-law Allan (nan Creach) Cameron, 12th of Lochiel?

Both were redoubtable warriors who fought in many clan battles. Allan Cameron was killed when raiding MacKintosh lands circa 1480. Speculation leads one down dark paths in search of light.

The composer of this piobaireachd tune is unknown.

In a time long past, both Clans called it their gathering or battle tune. Too little is known about the origin of the tune to identify its true ownership.


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