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Lament For The Little Supper

The Lament for the Little Supper is thought to be a very ancient tune. One view is that the event that inspired the tune involved the Comyns and Clan MacKintosh circa 1430. In this version, the Comyns invited MacKintoshes to a reconciliation banquet as a way to pay close to a long and devastating feud.


The true intent of the Comyn Chieftain was to put the MacKintosh leadership to death. The moment for murder would be signaled when a black bull's head was brought into the banquet room. Unfortunately for the Comyns, the MacKintoshes were warned beforehand by a Comyn lassie, daughter of the Chieftain, who was sweet on a MacKintosh lad. As a result of the warning, MacKintosh clansmen carried hidden arms to the banquet. As soon as the bull’s head came into sight, they turned on the Comyns and put all to death, except the Comyn Chieftain. He escaped the room and pursued his daughter and trapped her in a tower where he cut off her arms before he himself was killed.


This action broke the power of the Comyn family and brought an end to centuries of struggle between the Comyns and MacKintoshes. Reconciliation of a sort was achieved, but not in the way that the Comyns had planned.


The composer is unknown.


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