Loch Carron

This bagpipe lesson is for Loch Carron. Bill breaks the lesson down into sections with commentary for each section.

The tune is a reel and was composed by DC Mather.


Apologies for the poor quality video.

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Loch Carron

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Lesson Pointers for Loch Carron

Endeavour to have very good clarity of execution and relaxed reel flowing rhythm with short sixteenth/semi-quaver notes clear and not too cut to assist with clarity as demonstrated especially in the audio mp3 file in the slower repeat of the tune.

Grace note combination also must be clear, not hacked or crushed, to impart certain rhythms also.

Additional Information

Pipe Major Willie DenholmPipe Major Willie Denholm

Loch Carron at one time was a very popular competition type reel has had many re-arrangements. Below is as much of my recollection of what I had as a very young piper in The Royal Scots from my then Pipe Major Willie Denholm. It is an arrangement that I like with its so called second times.

Loch Carron (Scottish Gaelic: "Loch Carrann") is a sea loch on the west coast of Ross and Cromarty in the Scottish Highlands. It is the point at which the River Carron enters the North Atlantic Ocean.

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