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Loch Rannoch - Slow Air

A bagpipe tune composed by John Wilson.

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Loch Rannoch

Loch Rannoch

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Lesson Pointers

This nice slow air is suitable for beginners and onwards. Changes have been made from the original tune composed by the renowned John Wilson.

The timing of notes E and F in the first part second and sixth bars have been made to make the E shorter and the F longer than in John Wilsons Pipe Music Book 1. It is the way I recall from my earlier days in my regiment's Pipes and Drums, then under the direction of Pipe Major Willie Denholm.

I think the change is more appealing and compliments the rhythm of the bar four in the first part. I think the composer would have been pleased with the change, and perhaps was aware of it at the time.

Beware when playing the tune to notice that certain eighth notes/quavers are shorter, yet subtly without being clipped. Such slow airs leave plenty of time to allow clear accurate execution of the embellishments and clean fingering. Have a well set and well tuned instrument that when playing slow airs especially should make you aware of the need to have steady good tonal blowing.

Download The Music Notation.

Click to download the tune notation for Loch Rannoch

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Listen to Bill's Audio Instruction
Loch Rannoch - Slow Air

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