A Bagpipe Lesson for Lord MacDonald

For this bagpipe lesson Pipe Major Bill Robertson teaches the reel - Lord MacDonald. In the video and audio below Bill breaks the tune down into sections and provides a brief comment for each section. This lesson includes audio, video and downloadable sheet music.

Lord MacDonald - Bagpipe Reel

Listen to Bill's Audio Instruction
Lord MacDonald - Reel

Download the music sheet for the reel Lord MacDonald

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Lesson Pointers for the reel Lord MacDonald

Relax pointing of short notes to have good clarity of execution, not as a 2/4 March, but in a more open way of reels. Maintain the beat of Down/Up each beat with the relaxation. You will find then that the tune about plays itself – simply as that.

Recordings of the famous piper, Pipe Major Alasdair Gillies, Queen’s Own Highlanders (formerly ‐ Cameron Highlanders) are very good especially in his relaxed clear playing of the reels that one can hardly cease beating time to them.

Additional Information

R.R. McIan's Victorian era romanticised depiction of a Macdonald, lord of the Isles.Lord MacDonald. Image credit Wikipedia

Clan Macdonald of Sleat, sometimes known as Clan Donald North and in Gaelic Clann Ùisdein is a Scottish clan and a branch of Clan Donald — one of the largest Scottish clans. The founder of the Macdonalds of Sleat was Ùisdean, or Hugh, a 6th great‐grandson of Somerled, a 12th century Lord of the Isles. The clan is known in Gaelic as Clann Ùisdein ("children of Ùisdein"), and its chief's Gaelic designation is Mac Ùisdein ("son of Ùisdean"), in reference to the clan's founder. Both the clan and

its clan chief are recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, who is the heraldic authority in Scotland.

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