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Lung Operation (Cancer)

by Tom Brown
(Whitby England)

I played the pipes 50 years ago in an RAF pipe band. I've decided to try again with a new gortex bag. However in spite of making the -pipes as airtight as possible I find it difficult to raise the wind. Am I wasting my time?

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Dec 10, 2017
Lung Cancer

I also had lung cancer and had a right lung pneumonectomy and also had difficulty in
maintaining pressure but eventually found
that by fitting the smallest sheepskin bag available and making sure all reeds were not
taking too much air I was able to continue playing
and practice for up to 2 hours with several breaks
to recover.

Still blowing after 8 years.

Persevere and you will manage to play.

All the best


Nov 30, 2017
Lung Operation (Cancer)
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Tom,
It takes gradual preparation to be able to get the wind capacity/strength, such as some regular practice chanter work to help the the lips (the first thing to go when on the pipes even after some months layoff), and to some degree your wind. At first gradually only attempt the pipes for a minute or two at a time at regular intervals to suit. Gradually as you see fit increase the intervals until happy enough. You obviously should make the chanter reed not too strong to blow by pinching the two blades of the reed enough, or selecting an easy reed if having some old reeds. Make sure your drone reeds are set well for good steady tone - not rough--, and your chanter proper chanter intervals.
I hope that helps.
All the best,

Bill R---

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