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Lament For Sir James MacDonald Of The Isles

Lament For Sir James MacDonald Of The Isles is credited to William MacDonald of Vallay, MacDonald's tutor, or his son Ewen who was known to be a fine piper and composer.


Seumas Mac Domnhuill na´n Eilean, was the 9th Chieftain and 2nd Baronet of Sleat. He died in 1678. In his time he was considered by island Gaels to be the inheritor of the Lordship of the Isles, a title forfeited in the late 15th century. Accordingly, he was known by Gaelic people as na´n Eilean, of the Isles.


In 1911, the designation of the Isles was formally agreed to by Clanranald and Glengarry. This recognition gave Sleat precedence over the other lines whether MacDonald, MacDonald or MacDonell. This courtesy is based on the fact that the Sleat line is nearest in lineage to Iain MacDonald, the last Earl of Ross and last Lord of the Isles, 1493.


Although he did not come out himself, Sir James MacDonald's Clan fought under the banner of Charles Stuart at the Battle of Worcester in 1651.


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