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MacGregor's Salute


The MacGregor's Salute is also known as MacGregor's Gathering. Although the composer for this piobaireachd is unknown, it could only have been one of the many fine composers who proudly carried the name ‘MacGregor’, both before and after their name was proscribed by King James VI.


When the name MacGregor was proscribed and their lands seized soon after the Battle of Glenfruin, 1603, clan members scattered. Some took different names, others sought the protection of other clans. Somehow the Glenlyon pipers survived and maintained a piping school from which pipers would be sent to the MacCrimmons for finishing. A MacGregor was piper to Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745. In Sir Walter Scott's words, “The MacGregors were famous for their misfortunes and the indomitable courage with which they maintained themselves as a Clan.”


The following poem by Sir Walter Scott captures the spirit of the Clan MacGregor's Gathering

The moon's on the lake, and the mist's on the brae,
And the clan has a name that is nameless by day-
Then gather, gather, gather, Grigalach!

Our signal for fight, which from monarchs we drew,
Must be heard but by night, in our vengeful halloo-
Then halloo, halloo, halloo, Grigalach!

Glenorchy's proud mountains, Calchuirn and her towers,
Glenstrae, and Glenlyon, no longer are ours-
We're landless, landless, landless, Grigalach!

But, doomed and devoted by vassal and lord,
Macgregor has both his heart and sword-
Then courage, courage, courage, Grigalach!

If they rob us of name, and pursue us with beagles,
Give their roof to the flames, and their flesh to the eagles-
Then vengeance, vengeance, vengeance, Grigalach!

While there's leaves on the forest, or foam on the river,
Macgregor, despite them, shall flourish for ever!
Then gather, gather, gather, Grigalach!


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