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MacKenzie Of Applecross


The Salute MacKenzie of Applecross was said by Angus Mackay, Raasay, to have been composed on the birth about 1730 of John Roy MacKenzie, a beloved Laird of Applecross. The composer is thought to have been Angus MacKay, Gairloch.


If Angus MacKay, Gairloch, did compose the tune, it must have been many years later as he was still a young child in 1730. It is possible that this fine tribute was composed some time after MacKenzie had earned his reputation, rather than at the time of his birth. In which case, the composer could have been either Angus MacKay or his son, John Roy MacKay.


If the above is on track, it is probable that the composition would have been more or less contemporary with another fine tune by a Gairloch MacKay – MacLeod of Raasay's Salute, circa 1761.


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