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Lament For MacSwan Of Roag

Donald MacSwan of Roag was married to Florence, daughter of Sir Ruaridh Mor MacLeod. MacSwan lived close by Dunvegan Castle for most of his life.


Little else, if anything, is known about the man himself but it is known that there was a strong and long connection of the family with the MacLeods of Harris and Dunvegan. It may have been his marriage to the Chieftain's daughter that earned him a MacCrimmon piobaireachd.


On the other hand, the family had been reliable supporters of the legitimate MacLeod Chieftains of the Harris and Dunvegan line for many generations. They stood loyally with the legitimate Chieftains' line during times when usurpers made attempts to seize control of Dunvegan. For a very long period of time the MacSwan's, or MacSuain's as their contemporaries knew them, held the hereditary post of Constable (Warden) of Dunvegan.


The tune was composed by Padruig Mor MacCrimmon in the period 1650-1660.


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