Maggie Cameron

This bagpipe lesson is for Maggie Cameron. Bill breaks the lesson down into sections with commentary for each section.

The tune is a strathspey and was composed by Pipe Major Donald Cameron


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Maggie Cameron - Strathspey

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Lesson Pointers for Maggie Cameron

Please take note above under the title of the music of the “General clues---” about the need to remember controlled rhythm on certain dotted notes. I was going to delete that and put in here, but I know that many pipers these days do not bother to read helpful “Pointers”, hence leaving at the top of the music. While searching for information on the composer some You Tube appeared. I listened very briefly to a top-class piper playing this tune.

The first part was enough in which the piper plainly neglected the control of the low A’s on these very notes. Remember the four beats to the bar in which the controlled value of each beat is important all the way, with the spring/spirit of the dance maintained.

The strikes on High A's must not be too early, but spot on the next beat – almost overdone control.. The famous PM Willie Ross had me on this when on the Army PM Course many years ago.

Certain technique is explained and broken down to help in the recordings with this.

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Pipe Major Donald CameronPipe Major Donald Cameron

Pipe Major Donald Cameron after winning Champion of Champions event some good years ago. image credit:

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