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Lady Margaret MacDonald's Salute


Lady Margaret MacDonald was the second wife of Sir Alexander MacDonald of Sleat, the first having died young. She was a daughter of the Earl of Eglington.


As Boswell reported in his Journal, “Lady Margaret was quite adored in Skye”. He went on to say that when she was out riding, people would run before her to clear the stones off the road, lest her horse should stumble and she be hurt. At the age of 85 she entertained Dr. Johnson and Boswell and made a tremendous impression on Dr. Johnson with her charm, wit and brilliant mind.


Although Sir Alexander changed his mind about participating in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745, Lady MacDonald played a significant role in Prince Charles' escape after the defeat at Culloden. From time to time she was able to supply the Prince with funds and she also assisted Kingsburgh and his wife Flora MacDonald in keeping the Prince out of the hands of his pursuers on land and at sea.


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