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Marie Ban Og

Slow air

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Marie Ban Og

This slow air, Marie Ban Og is one I like from away back. There are many settings of it some of which to my mind that have too many grips. A search on the internet some time ago let me listen to an accordionist playing the melody much as I have it.

Recently I have been unsuccessful in trying to find it sung in Gaelic to check on a perhaps more authentic rendering. As a result I have written the music as closely as I can to what I used to have that is similar that of the accordionist.

The title I think means Fair Mary.

Lesson Pointers

As you can see the music is in compound time with two beats to the bar. Each pulse/beat has a basic rhythm of 1—2, 3– 1—2, 3– and so on: 1— the downbeat, 2, the short note (not clipped), and 3– the remainder of the upbeat.

Tempo would be about 42 BPM give or take just a little. Endeavour to have clean clear proper execution with a song–like approach to the playing of the melody. You may consider slowing down or deliberating slightly the last two bars.

Download The Music Notation.

Click to download the tune notation for Marie Ban Og

Listen To Bill's Audio Instruction.

Listen to Bill's Audio Instruction
Marie Ban Og - Slow Air

Watch Bill's Video Instruction.

Watch the video on YouTube

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