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A Bagpipe lesson For Miss Proud

The composer for Miss Proud is unknown. However the tune has enjoyed popularity with some famous pipers. The foremost Pipe Major Alasdair Gillies played this reel in his March, Strathspey, and Reel set when he won that section at the Glenfiddich Championships, Blair Castle, 1985. I consider Alasdair as the best in his day as a March, Strathspey, and Reel player, especially his reels.


Also of note, the famous Pipe Major Donald MacLeod MBE included Miss Proud in some of his good recordings.


Pipe Major Alisdair Gillies


The above images provided courtesy of Pipe Major Alisdair Gillies website.


Lesson Pointers


The tune is a competition type reel, two beats to the bar, and although pointed (relative duration of dotted notes and cut/shorter notes) the music must not be too clipped relatively on the shorter notes to enable the smoother rhythm of the reel and clarity of execution to prevail.


The transcription of the music below is different from that in Pipe Major Willie Ross' Book 1 in respect of the following:
  1. The birls mainly in the fourth bars and eighth bars could have the high G grace note as in most common practice, although as in the Book 1 without the high G grace note is acceptable and how I used to play and still tend to do.

  2. The fourth part eighth bar I feel should be consistent with the other parts with the long high A. The two high As divided by a grip as in Book 1 tends to distort the rhythm of the tune.

  3. The last bar in the fourth part first beat should have C instead of low A; a printer's error obviously as it is in the Book.


Download The Music Notation.


Music Notation Click to download the tune notation for Miss Proud


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