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It must be admitted that you, and your Tunes of the Month, have been a positive influence on all of our pipers here; as well as myself. You are considered one of the best piping instructors of our day; and, it is a privilege to learn from you, Bill; which I continually do for objective, defined and measurable reasons:

  • You simplify tunes so that they are achievable to learn correctly;
  • Your playing is not the usual and common "wooden" approach to piping mastery; you play with feeling, warmth and depth;
  • You bring out historical concepts which magnify the texture of the Highland art of piping; making it much more interesting.

That's why I promote your videos, Bill.

Thanks again for your note.

We think of you often,



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Please keep it up, with the postings, sir. you are a rare (and great) resource, for those of us without a personal tutor...

cheers mate...Grandpaboyd

A great help as i am learning to play a lovely set of Soutar pipes. I have a tutor but he lives 57 miles away so once a week is all I can afford and this tune is what I am learning now. thanks


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