Mrs. MacDougall

The bagpipe lesson for the march, Mrs. MacDougall, Pipe Major Bill Robertson steps you through playing the tune section by section. He includes a commentary with each section


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Mrs. MacDougall - 6/8/ March

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Lesson Pointers for the 6/8 march Mrs. MacDougall

This tune is more for solo playing hence the suggested 84 BPM. Quarter notes and dotted notes should have enough feeling, yet with proper upbeats. The seventh bar in the third and fourth parts in particular need good dotted note values with proper upbeat lift too. Slicker clear short sixteenth notes would help in this regard.

Additional Information

I have always liked this 6/8 March for its unusual variety of part endings that fit in well overall. It is suitable for one's enjoyment and played at a majestic slower tempo for musical display as in recital, or band. It is in Book 5 of Pipe Major W. Ross' Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music – a benchmark.

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