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Muir of Ord

Pipe Major G.S. McLellan


For this bagpipe lesson I have chosen the 2/4 march, The Muir of Ord. The tune was composed by Pipe Major George S. McLellan formerly Pipe Major of the Gordon Highlanders regiment. P/M McLellan was one of the most famous composers of many fine pieces of Pipe Music, and a leading prize winner in solo piping events in the earlier part of the Twentieth Century.


The Muir of Ord is a quaint village in the Higlands of Scotland. Doing a Google search revealed this website which gives us a wee bit of insight into the town and its origins.


Lesson Pointers


Although an unusual type of 2/4 march I think it is an attractive, enjoyable, a tune that is not very difficult to play well. For good expression simply observe the two beats to the bar, the longer duration of some of the dotted quavers relative to the short note, although very short must be sounded clearly, and the strikes struck on the beat without being early. Many of these long notes occur mostly at the beginning of every bar.


There is plenty of time for good execution too. The more advanced beginners might find the tune within their capability.


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Muir of Ord

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Muir of Ord


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