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Bagpipe Lessons for Mull of Kintyre


Mull of Kintyre is a popular bagpipe tune with pipers. We recently had a request for a tutorial for the tune.

The song Mull of Kintyre was made popular by Sir Paul McCartney and his band Wings. The song was written by Sir Paul McCartney and fellow bandmate Denny Laine as a tribute to the Kintyre peninsula, there home at the time.

The Mull of Kintyre is the most southwesterly section of the long Kintyre Peninsula, approximately 10 miles from Campbeltown.

Sir Paul explained how the song came into being:

“I certainly loved Scotland enough, so I came up with a song about where we were living; an area called Mull of Kintyre. It was a love song really, about how I enjoyed being there and imagining I was travelling away and wanting to get back there.”

Wingspan, pg 129 and Wikepedia


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Mull of Kintyre

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Mull of Kintyre



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