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Music Stands

by Phil
( Hampshire. U.K.)

Hello Bill
Can you tell me, is done to use a music stand to read the music whilst playing the pipes if not sure of the tune? myself I don't think so. I would be very grateful if you could give me some guidance on this.

Best Regards Phil Garrod. (Hampshire U.K.)

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Jan 09, 2018
Music Stands NEW
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Lu,
Do as you please, although it is desired that you have the piece of music memorized well correctly etc., before attempting on the pipes without the music on a stand.
All the best,

Bill Robertson

Jan 09, 2018
Music Stands NEW
by: Lou

I vote "YES" to music stands while still learning a tune - especially complex tunes with many parts (6-part Strathspeys and 15+ minute piobaireachds come to mind).
A professional performer friend of mine tacks sheet music to walls around his study. I tape the music to my car windows for reference when practicing in a remote park.
Wean yourself from the music, then return to it to perfect any phrases that didn't quite come naturally when playing without it.
Finally, when ready to perform for an audience, NEVER use sheet music with pipes - on a stand, taped or tacked to walls or otherwise. By this time, you should OWN the tune.

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