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On Parade: Drum Major Edgar T. MacIntyre.

On Parade: A Manual for Drum Majors Modified British Style for Highland Scottish Pipe Bands and Other Marching Bands


I was recently asked to review an excellent publication, On Parade: A Manual for Drum Majors Modified British Style for Highland Scottish Pipe Bands and Other Marching Bands by Drum Major Edgar T. MacIntyre.

The bound book measures 9 x 6 inches 238 pages. There are 29 plates, and 70 well executed illustrations by Tom Jones. Directions and good advice range from: basic drill movements individual and band, through commands, methods of teaching the band, all the various drills, marching, formations (more than you could think of), manual of the mace (basic positions, signals, walking, flourishing and much more. There is even a section on Pipe Majors' signals when no Drum Major on parade. Included also are sections on uniforms, accoutrements, instruments, and procedures for various ceremonies.


Sons and Daughters of Old Scotia

The acknowledgements for this book starts with the following and sets the tone for the "spirit" of the publication. The book is a fine contribution to spreading the message for Scottish Arts
To Old Scotia's sons and daughter's, who have from the very beginning spread the Scottish aura to every distant land and clime. To our skirling pipes, and to the magical, even arrogant swing of our tartan kilts.

To our sporrans and billowing plaids, ribbons, and tassels; to the staccato beat of our drums, the twirling sticks and beaters; to the majestic rhythmical cadences of the mace. To all these and more, always in the van of our scientific achievements and our significant advances in the cultural arts, this effort is, in all humility, most respectfully dedicated.


Staggering Content and Illustrations

The detailed directions and helpful clear illustrations in this manual are immense, even staggering, and an excellent guide and reference for any experienced and budding Drum Majors that they should not be without.


On Parade sample Content


About The Author and Illustrator

Edgar MacIntyre for by being well experienced in North America has also drawn on the experience of others including Drum Major Roy Dear of the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). In my estimation the drills etc., are as close as you can get to the Scottish regimental and civilian way as possible, allowing for tasteful flexibility.

Tom Jones Has been sketching for over 50 years. His art reflects an earthiness born of long experience at grass roots levels, skillfully illuminating the text with clarifying accuracy.


The original price in about the copyright date of 1995 was very reasonable, almost a steal. For enquiries contact Bill Jones at or


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Some Of The Chapter Tittle's Include ...

  • Commands
  • Tuning Pipes
  • Instruction Techniques
  • Some Don'ts and a Couple of Do's
  • Symbols
  • Hoe To Tell Rank
  • Definitions
  • Drill for All Ranks
  • Marching and Halting
  • Formal Dressing of the Band
  • Basic Band Formation and Drill
  • Band Drill without Instruments
  • Band Drill with Instruments
  • Forming Circles and Recovery to Band Square
  • Manual of the Mace
  • Positions of the Mace
  • Walking the Mace
  • Flourishing the Mace
  • Pipe Major's Body Language
  • The Color Party
  • Manual of Arms for the Rifle Color Party
  • Common Rifle Drill
  • Manual of the Pike for Color Bearers
  • Manual for the Broadswords
  • Uniforms and Highland Dress for Bands
  • Instruments and Equipment
  • Ceremonies
  • A Typical Retreat Ceremony
  • A Typical Retreat Ceremony
  • Military Courtesy and Ceremony
  • The Firing Party

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