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Prince's Salute


Prince's Salute was composed by John MacIntyre, son of Donald, piper to Menzies of that Ilk. He trained at the Rankin school on Mull and then under Padruig Og MacCrimmon at Borreraig. John was known to have composed other piobaireachd with a Jacobite flavour.


There are different opinions about which Prince the tune referred to. Some think it was James, Chevalier de Saint George, who would have been King James VIIIth of Scotland and IIIrd of Britain if he had succeeded in one or the other of the rebellions of 1715 and 1719. Another school suggests Prince Charles Edward Stuart of the 1745/46 rebellion.


James was referred to by Gaels as Righ Seumais which translates to King James. Nevertheless, the weight of opinion seems to rest with James rather than with his son, Prince Charles. My King Has Landed in Moidart, another McIntyre tune, sings of the Prince's arrival in 1745. The appellations Prince and King appear to have been loosely applied in both instances.


Whatever, it is a royal salute.


The tune is said to have provided the theme for the piobaireachd Isabel MacKay.


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