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Rarely Used Embellishments

by Russ

I recently came across this movement and I'm not sure exactly how to play it, could you give me a note by note runthru. thanks!

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Apr 15, 2010
Rale used embellishments
by: AnonymousBill Robertson

The embellishment you showed is obviuosly from the unusual and challenging 9/8 jig Donald McLennan's Exercise, John Wilson's book 1.

I think that the intention was to have a piobaireachd trill on F akin to the other trills on E with the first high G gracenote (as in the piobaireachd Too Long in this Condition urlar and its doubling). When I used to play this jig I played the noraml tril on F. I consider the one you have illustrated and that in Wilson's book as a "printer's error" or the compiler's error.

If wishing to play as written consider from the preceeding E playing at first slowly a high G grace note on F, then E divided with a high G grace note still on E then off to the F melody note. The trill on F is simply like playing a clear definite reverse doubling on E then off to the F i.e. after the leading in E melody note play F grace note on E, followed by high G grace note still on E the off to the F melody note - slowly at first and worked up to rapid clear execution. Make sure the leading in E is of good relative duration to allow allow time for a good trill without any panic, or undue haste, from that E.

Bill Playing Trill Embelishment.

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I trust that helps.

Any further clarity you might want, simply ask.


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