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Redford Cottage

The bagpipe tune Rebford Cottage, a 6/8 March was composed by William Sinclair (Senior) one of the family foundation members of the still famous present day Highland Bagpipe manufactures Wm. Sinclair and Son, of Leith, Edinburgh.


I think it is a pleasant tune that has stood the test of time and worth having in one's 6/8 marches repertoire.


Lesson Pointers


Please note the compound time rhythm of the beat of 6/8 marches such as this one of 1--,2,3- in each beat of the value three eighth notes/quavers. Generally paying attention in each beat to the downbeat longer 1--, the shorter 2, and the rest of the upbeat duration 3- as directed.


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Redford Cottage

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Redford Cottage


About William Sinclair Senior


Sinclair and Son Workshop
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Wm. Sinclair & Son have been making bagpipes since 1933. The business was started by Alexander (Sandy) Sinclair, when he manufactured his first bagpipe for his son William.


The bagpipes manufactured by the family, are synonymous with quality. Believing in the motto, “If it is not good enough for the craftsman within the firm, it is not good enough for those outwith.” Many a top piper and bands use there bagpipes as the bagpipe of their choice.


William Sinclair William started taking lessons at the tender age of 5 and his first public debut was at the age of 7. William Snr. was Pipe Major of the Leith Celtic Pipe Band, the Broxburn Pipe Band and the 5th Volunteer Edinburgh Rifles, all at the same time. Further to this he was Pipe Major of the Dr. Kelso Pipe Band, winning a prize at the Cowal games for which he attended for half a Century.


He was also connected with the Boys Brigade in Edinburgh, from their earliest days, as Pipe Major and was still teaching the boys at the age of 75. His success with Pipe Bands was well established.


A brief history of the Sinclair family can be found on there business website.


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