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The Argylls Crossing the River Po

I have chosen The Argylls Crossing the River Po for this bagpipem lesson. The tune was composed R. H. Brown and I could not find much detail about him. If anyone has information about him please send it us and we will publish it. Not to be confused with Robert Urquhart Brown.

The title indicates that the Argylls could have been in Northern Italy towards the end of World War II.


Lesson Pointers


Tunes in this category, being relatively simple, are good to play when commencing to play after initial tuning. Consider playing one or two retreat airs (or 6/8 marches) depending on how well your drones are holding in tune.

There is plenty of time when playing steadily to have good technique, controlled rhythm with proper downbeats (especially in these 3/4 tunes), upbeats and full beat quarter note value, to bring out the melody.

Avoid hastiness and carelessness.

I have the first part without repeat as I often prefer, but one may repeat as normally if desired. Retreat Airs both in 3/4 and 9/8 normally have the two beats bridged in the last bar of parts as above.

Tempo might be about 84 BPM give or take a second or two.


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