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Lament For Robert Reid

When Robert Reid died in 1965, William Barrie composed this fine piobaireachd to honour the man who had taught him so much. William MacLellan Barrie, 1910 – 2004 was born at Rothesay, Isle of Bute. The Barrie family moved to Glasgow where he began his piping lessons. During his adult life he lived in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. He died in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


William Barrie took lessons from John MacDougall Gillies for almost five years until MacDougall Gillies died in 1925. He then took lessons from Gillies’ prize pupil, Pipe Major Robert Reid, who became one of the very best pipers of his time. William Barrie’s teachers were exponents of the Cameron style of piobaireachd playing. Their piping line extended directly back to the MacCrimmons.


There is a story that was told by Seamus MacNeill who said that MacDougall Gillies kept Robert Reid on one tune for a year. That tune was the Unjust Incarceration. Whatever, his rigorous training produced marvelous results. Anyone who has a taste for ceol mor will immediately recognize a Master when listening to a tape of Robert Reid playing, for example, the Bells of Perth or MacKintosh's Lament.


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