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Lament For Ronald MacDonald Of Morar

The composer for Lament For Ronald MacDonald Of Morar is unknown, it is assumed to be a Clanranald tune.


Raghnall MacAilean Og, as he was called in the Gaelic, was an outstanding individual. He was much admired in his lifetime, 1662—1741. He was the third son of Alan, 4th Chieftain of Morar.


He had a reputation for extraordinary physical strength but that was the least of it. He was also a composer of cèol mor — The Finger Lock, The Vaunting and The Red Speckled Bull are credited to him. He was reputed to be a first–class piper: a history of Clanranald dated 1700 referred to him as The best player upone the pype now living. This was an attribution a MacCrimmon might have questioned. Ronald was also said to have been a fine fiddler and harpist.


It is fitting that his memory is immortalized in one of the great piobaireachd.


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