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Bagpipe Lessons for Scotland The Brave

Scotland The Brave is a favorite tune with the general public and pipers around the world. I am sure that there are no accomplished pipers who do not know how to play this tune.


Cliff Hanley (1923—1999), a Scottish journalist wrote the lyrics for the tune in 1951. The song was written by Cliff Hanley for Robert Wilson who needed a song to close the act of his performance at a Christmas Scottish review musical show at the Glasgow Empire Theater. The song soon became popular with Scots people and was quickly adopted as an unofficial national anthem.


Some Lesson Pointers.


This lesson is ideally suited for the intermediate level piper and one should be able to play The Grip and The Taorluath.


Download The Tune Notation.


Music Notation Click to download the tune notation for Scotland The Brave


Listen To Bill's Audio Instruction.


Scotland the Brave – Part 1

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Scotland the Brave – Part 2

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Watch The Video Instruction.


Scotland The Brave


The Grip


The Taorluath



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