Shores of Argyll - Retreat Air

For this bagpipe lesson Pipe Major Bill Robertson explains playing the tune Shores of Argyll. Bill breaks the lesson down into sections with commentary for each section.

The tune is set as a retreat air and it is not known who the composer is.

Bill playing Shores of Argyll on his bagpipes
Listen to Bill's Audio Instruction
Shores of Argyll - Retreat Air

Download the Music Notation for Shores of Argyll

Click to download the tune notation for Shores of Argyll

Lesson Pointers for Shores of Argyll

I prefer to play retreat airs at about 84 beats per minute or slightly less than that. I believe this to be appropriate for retreat airs as it brings out the melody well, with controlled beats and it also allows for doublings, strikes, and grips to be executed with good clean clarity.

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