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Struan Robertson's Salute

b>Struan Robertson's Salute, Teachd Chlain Donnachaidh (the Coming of Clan Duncan), may be a piobaireachd tune composed by a MacIntyre of the Braes of Rannoch but that is a presumption.


As to the Clan itself, it was of the Athole region. Tradition has it that during the Battle of Bannockburn, King Robert the Bruce was overjoyed at the arrival of the clan led by Donnachadh Reamhar (Duncan Stoutlegs) during a critical stage of the battle. Their wild charge helped to turn the tide of battle decisively. Bruce was so pleased with the clan that he asked Donnachadh Reamhar to name his eldest son Robert, a name that was passed down to the eldest son over the centuries.


Robert Riach, great grandson of Donnachadh Reamhar captured the murderers of King James I in 1437. It was after this event that Chlain Donnachaidh (children of Duncan) took the name Robertson.


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115 Piobaireached Tutorials

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