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A Bagpipe Lesson For The Rejected Suitor

The reel The Rejected Suitor used to be a popular competition type reel some good years ago, as much with bands as solo.


I have shown some general things to consider when playing the tune under the title in the score. The audio and video relevant also should help.


Lesson Pointers

Attention to downbeat and upbeat duration in each beat is important while keeping a good flowing momentum.


The rhythmic groups of grace notes that must have good clarity are as in the first part bar 2 second beat (controlled C and good G, D, E, clarity), and bar 4 both beats (first beat controlled D with slight relaxation on the short B to clean G grace note on the tachum C, and the D grace note on the longer low A. The other beat as for bar 2 but on B to low G clearly). These occur throughout the tune.


Good doublings and clean/clear cuttings without clipping are called for too.


Remember a certain relaxation on the short notes for good clarity of the reel that in a way plays itself as you roll along with touches of feeling say on longer Es and Fs first and second parts, and the longer low As and high As in the last two parts.


Download The Music Notation.


Music Notation Click to download the tune notation.


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