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The Royal Scots Polka was composed by Pipe Major Willie Denholm, 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots


The composer Pipe Major Willie Denholm was my first Pipe Major in The Royal Scots, a fine piper and renowned for his prize winning 6/8 march composition El Alamein for the commemoration of that famous battle of World War II in Egypt.


This The Royal Scots Polka was composed in honor of our famous regiment then the oldest in the British Army. When we played it the second timings were the conventional way of four bars from the latter part of the preceding part. It was later changed to the run–downs, perhaps through the influence of Willie's association with another well known composer Pipe Major Donald Ramsay of the Edinburgh Police Pipe Band then World Champions in the 1950's. I think it is a worthwhile improvement that is akin to that of the Black Watch Polka, a good tune to combine with in a set.


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The Royal Skots Polka


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Pipe Major Willie Denholm
West Germany, circa 1951.
Pipe Major Willie Denholm


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