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A Traditional Hornpipe

I have entitled this tune A Traditional Hornpipe. This hornpipe was the first one, of a group of four hornpipes given to us all in the Pipes and Drums of The Royal Scots by Pipe Major Hugh Fraser who was our director then. Perhaps there were titles, but I only remember two of the titles, but not this one. Some people might like to let me know the title.


The Hornpipe is a fairly old form of music that is said to have most likely originated about the mid-eighteenth century by the sailors of British Royal Navy to entertain themselves in idle moments on the deck of the ships. Perhaps the origin could be even earlier and in different forms. Some could be more even in pointing and others more pointed. The Sailors Hornpipe is and was a solo dance to the music of a penny-whistle or the fiddle, and the bagpipes later.


Lesson Pointers


Endeavour mainly to relax when playing this tune, although pointed, treat it more like a reel in split common time or 2/2 with short notes more relaxed, not clipped. The need for clean fingering and execution goes almost without saying. Tempo might be about 86 BPM. The tune is unusual in parts being in A and D as you can see.


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Traditional Hornpipe

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A Traditional Hornpipe


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