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A bagpipe lesson for Winnipeg Police Pipers

6/8 March

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Winnipeg Police Pipers

This this composition by me was in gratitude for the support I had in my tutorials venture from a well informed piper Richard Long who played with the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band.

I was especially encouraged some good years ago when I had my first Comprhensive Guide Interactive Tutorial in book and cassette tape form. It continued from time to time with all my improved technical means including my other tutorials up to this day with my tutorials in PDF pages with direct links to demonstartion .mp4 video, and .mp3 audio with my detailed three more complete tutorials. More detailed information about my tutorials can be found on this page Interactive Bagpipe Tutorials

Winnipeg Police Pipe Band

Image courtesy of Winnipeg Police Pipe Band

Lesson Pointers

Remember the basic beat rhythm of compound time Marches and the like 9/8 etc., is: 1—2,3-; 1--2,3- and so on. The 3- must have the relative value of the remainder of the beat without being too soon onto the next beat. This tune is not difficult except for the fourth part bars four to five that needs some broken down slow accurate approach at first for some pipers.

Tachums should be nice and clear without clipping. Study of the video and audio should help.

Download The Music Notation.

Listen To Bill's Audio Instruction.

Winnipeg Police Pipers
Pipe Major Bill Robertson's audio recording of the lesson for the Winnipeg Police Pipers

Watch Bill's Video Instruction.


If you have any questions or comments, please use Contact Form to contact Bill.

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